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How To Split Test With 10 Visitors A DayYou may have heard marketers talk about the importance of "split testing", but perhaps you're thinking...

(a) I don't have enough traffic, or

(b) I don't really know how to do it.

The truth is... even if you have just 10 visitors a day, you can and should test...

In fact, you're losing potential money and stunting your site's potential for growth if you don't!...

Here's why:

Even if you just have 10 visitors a day, that's about 300 a month. Let's say you convert just 1 in every 100 visitors into customers (i.e. a 1% conversion rate), then at 300 visitors a month you make 3 sales.

To double your sales, you could double your traffic - a no-brainer, right? That means finding double the sources of traffic.


You could raise your conversion rate from 1% to 2%...

That means 300 visitors a month produces not 3 but 6 sales... i.e. this also double your sales.

In other words, you're getting more out of the traffic you've already got. And you could use the extra money generated by these sales to... get more traffic!

My report, "How To Split Test With 10 Visitors A Day" explains exactly how to raise your conversion rate through split testing, even if you have just 10 visitors a day.

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OK, given that you can split test even with just 10 visitors a day, why would anyone pay for a split testing tool?...

Why not just use a free split testing script?

When people first "get into" split testing, they are often advised to get a free script to do it - after all, there are a few free split testing (and even one or two multivariate) "tools" out there. The problem is... this advice could be bad advice. Why?

There are two reasons. The first is important, but the second (in my opinion) is critical.

The first issue is...

(a) Support.

As with anything in life, there's usually a reason something is free. Some of the "free" scripts I've tried come with literally no support, so if you get stuck at any stage, you're on your own. And let's face it, if you're new to split testing, the last thing you want to be doing is struggling to come to grips with the script!

Other "free" scripts I've encountered are designed to be "upsells" - just about good enough to get by, but with enough weaknesses to get you to want to "upgrade" to an expensive version.

(Or in the case of Google's testing tool, the upsell is Adwords. And your conversion data is very useful to them... after all, they also set your Adwords prices, so I'm sure they'd love to know how much money you're making from a testing campaign. Think about it...!)

However, important though that is, there's a second (often overlooked) issue which is much less familiar to people who are new (and even ones who are not new) to split testing...

(b) Accuracy.

It's absolutely critical that the split testing tool you choose is accurate. Otherwise, your data could be as good as worthless!

Before I show you why it could be worthless, let me share with you a little secret about how virtually all split testing scripts work...

What happens when the "cookie" crumbles?

Many split testing scripts rely solely on "cookies", little bits of information that are sent to the visitor's browser. The problem is, cookies are not entirely reliable - they can be deleted or blocked from a visitor's browser. When that happens, those scripts can't track visitors any more, making them effectively useless!

Other scripts combine cookies with IP tracking, i.e. they record the visitor's IP address as well, so that if one fails, the other acts as a "backup". This is a definite improvement over using cookies alone.

However, a visitor's IP address can change each time they connect to the Internet! So IP tracking is only reliable in the short term.

And yet - most testing tools on the market rely solely on these methods!

Three methods of tracking - why that's critically important to you...

Power Split Tester™ offers an optional third method of tracking visitors, called the "unique tag identifier" (or UTI). It is most effective when combined with an email subscription. A subscriber clicks your link in an email message. If they've been to a campaign page before, Power Split Tester™ will show them the correct version - completely eliminating the dependency on cookies and IP address!

Most important of all... if the subscriber takes the action you desire, the action is attributed to the correct version, ensuring deadly accuracy.

Which begs the following question, doesn't it?...

How accurate are split testing stats, really? An insider spills the beans...

Think about it. The job of a split testing tool is to assign an action (such as a sale) to the correct version the visitor originally saw when possible. After all, you're basing your decisions on these results.

Yet because most scripts rely solely on cookies and IP tracking (which are certainly not permanent), how reliable are the stats you're getting?

And yet, it gets worse...

It's a simple fact that not everyone can be tracked long term - so if a visitor deletes their cookies, and takes action on your site from a different IP address, what do most split testing scripts do with that visitor?

As an insider to this industry (I've also been using split testing scripts since 1998), let me tell you the answer...

Most just guess! Or, they assign the current version to the visitor.

In other words, if the script can't work out which version the visitor originally saw, they will just assign it to the next version due to be rotated... effectively killing the accuracy of your stats!

Even worse, if the unidentified visitor (i.e. someone without the cookie or IP address matching) comes to an action page again, most of these will count the action again!

Why is this so important? Because...

... even a single incorrect action assigned to the wrong version could have a critical effect on your decision - let alone 2 or 3!

Let me give you a quick example:

How your split testing stats can be "killed" by just two bad apples

For instance, let's say you had 12 sales from your current sales letter (which we'll call Version 1), and 18 sales from a variation you're testing (call it Version 2). Based on these figures alone, you could be about 85% confident that Version 2 is an actual improvement, and not down to chance. (I know this sounds obvious, but you'll see in 2 minutes why it's not the case.)

However, what if your split testing software had really been "guessing" with one or two of those sales? What if one of them was really a randomly assigned duplicate visit, or just incorrectly assigned?

If just one of those actions was assigned to the wrong version (i.e. the split was really 13/17), you can be much less confident the difference was not down to chance. And just one more mistake (at 14/16), and there's really no significant difference at all! (The difference is quite likely to be down to chance).

In other words, it's absolutely critical to get accurate data!

This is why Power Split Tester™ never ever guesses. Even after attempting its 3 methods of identification - the "unique tag identifier", cookies and IP address - if it can't work out which version the visitor originally saw, it is brutally honest and will classify the action as "unattributed".

This is not a failure - quite the opposite, because it's a fact that not all visitors can be tracked in the long term. So any split testing program that magically assigns all visitors to an action every time without fail is inevitably using some kind of voodoo magic system, almost certainly called "guessing".

Instead, when Power Split Tester™ can't determine the source of an action, it enables you to compare the logs (see below), to determine for yourself whether these are real actions (but ones that couldn't be tracked automatically), or just repeat page visits (bogus actions) - and you can then assign (or delete) these actions yourself.

In other words, the combination of not just 2 but 3 tracking methods, as well as not guessing when it can't identify the true version, means that (in my opinion), Power Split Tester™ is quite probably the most accurate split testing tool available today.

(If you don't believe me, ask my "competitors" how many tracking methods they use, and what their program does with actions it can't trace! I think you'll be shocked by the answers you get - if you get a straight answer. Remember, it's impossible for all actions to be automatically traced - cookies and IP address are not permanent!)

How to have real confidence in your stats:

As I mentioned earlier, a 12/18 split between two versions of a sales page means you can be fairly confident the second is an improvement over the first.

However, at what point does the element of chance come in? For instance, is 13/17 a real improvement? What about 14/16? Both seem like improvements, but mathematically speaking, it's quite likely the difference is just down to chance.

But don't worry... you don't have to be a math genius to use Power Split Tester™, because the program will tell you just how confident you can be in your stats.

Just remember, you're always trying to beat your original version, which in Power Split Tester™ is always Version 1. In the picture below, Version 2 is ahead, and the program is reporting that you can be about "95% confident" it's an improvement over the original, Version 1.

Power Split Tester Stats

A "95% confidence" basically means there's a 5% chance you could be wrong, i.e. that Version 2 isn't really an improvement, it's just ahead by chance. Power Split Tester™ will report at approximately 85%, 90%, 95% and 99% confidence levels.

Hint: Some suggest you should aim for a 99% confidence... but that might mean you need a lot of data. In the end, Power Split Tester™ can tell you how your stats are doing, and it can give you recommendations based on that data. But you're the boss... it's up to you to make the judgment call about what to do with that information!

Easy-to-read logs help you to make better decisions

Every web site has a log file, but Power Split Tester™ keeps its own log files, and logs every visitor to a campaign and action page, and you can view these in an easy-to-read format, right from your Admin Panel.

This allows you to quickly see other information which a standard split testing tool wouldn't tell you, such as where these visitors are coming from - and which "version" they saw, which a standard log file wouldn't tell you.

Power Split Tester Log Files

These can help you make decisions about your campaigns that raw stats alone wouldn't be able to tell you. Plus, you can use these log files to help you determine if the "unattributed" actions are real or bogus.

Unlimited campaigns and split tests

Using Power Split Tester™, you can run as many split testing campaigns as you like, and you can test as many variations as you like!

So a simple split test with two versions is called an A/B test, but you can also run an A/B/C test (3 versions), an A/B/C/D test (4 versions) and so on.

Track up to 10 actions per campaign

Most other split testing tools only allow you to track one particular action. However, with Power Split Tester™ you can track up to 10 different actions per campaign!

This enables you to easily monitor what your visitors are doing. For example, if you offer an email subscription, you could track both requested and confirmed subscriptions.

Or if your sales letter is broken up into several pages, you could track click-thrus to each page.

Hint: Action 1 is always treated as the primary action, upon which Power Split Tester™ bases its advice, so you'll want to set action 1 as the principal goal of your campaign page, such as a subscription, or sale.

In summary, here's the powerful (and often
unique) features of
Power Split Tester™...

  • Up to 3 different methods of tracking (cookies, IP address and "unique tag identifier") enables vitally accurate tracking. (Remember, cookies and IP address are not guaranteed methods of tracking over the long term.)

  • Ability to combine the "UTI" with an email subscription to ensure your email subscriber sees the correct version, and the subscriber's action gets attributed to the correct version, even if cookie and IP tracking fails!

  • Powerful and easy to read logs available to you from the Admin Panel enable you to see what your visitors are doing, and which version of your campaign they originally saw. Also, helps you to identify genuine and bogus actions.

  • No "guessing". When a visitor takes an action you're tracking (such as a subscription or sale), if Power Split Tester™ cannot work out which version your visitor originally saw, the action is classed as "unattributed". However, you can use the logs to manually assign it to an action. This ensures there are no guesses (after all, cookies and IP tracking can never be perfect), and no bogus repeat actions skewing your data - absolutely essential when you're making decisions based on your campaign results!

  • Unlimited campaigns. There is no limit to the number of split testing campaigns you can run on your site, even at the same time! (Just remember you'll need the traffic to handle them. If you're only getting 10 visitors a day, stick to one simple A/B test for now.)

  • Unlimited versions. You don't have to limit yourself to a simple A/B test (with 2 versions). If you have the traffic, you can have as many versions as you want in a campaign.

  • Rotate different elements of your site. If you need to rotate parts of your site that are far away from each other, you can do that easily. So it's no problem to rotate a matching header and footer, or to rotate the price or some other element throughout your entire sales letter.

  • Track up to 10 actions per campaign. This enables you to track many different actions in a single campaign - for example: requested subscriptions, confirmed subscriptions, and sales. This can help you to quickly spot weaknesses in your sales process - perhaps you have a version where people are not confirming their subscriptions as much. This will probably have a knock-on effect on your sales! Yet you wouldn't know this without tracking both requested and confirmed subscriptions.

  • Give each version a "weight". If you already have an effective sales letter, you may not want to conduct a split test on all your traffic. You can give each version a "weight", which tells Power Split Tester™ what proportion of your visitors should see each version. For example, if you only want to test on a small proportion of your traffic, then you could tell Power Split Tester™ to send say 90% of your visitors to your current version, and just 10% to your test variation. Or you could just do a straightforward split test, with 50% going to one version, and 50% going to another - it's entirely up to you!

  • Be confident in your data. The "stats" facility will report when a version is an improvement over your original, at "confidence levels" of 85%, 90%, 95% and 99%. This tells you how confident you can be that the version is genuinely an improvement, and not down to chance.

  • Stats advice. The "stats" facility doesn't just report the cold, hard numbers - but gives you suggestions as to what they actually mean and what you might wish to do at a particular stage of testing.

  • All the data is "for your eyes only". Since Power Split Tester™ is installed on your site, you never have to give a third-party your valuable conversion data. (I'm simply amazed by people who are happy to give away their conversion data to Google - the same company that often sets their Adwords pay-per-click prices! Think about it...)

  • Easy to install and use. Despite all these features, I've worked hard to make Power Split Tester™ as easy to install and use as possible. The last thing I want you to be doing is struggling to get it working! You do not need to mess around with a MySql database. For that reason, the average installation time is just 6 minutes (if the auto-installation script is used), and you'll be running your first test campaign after about another 10-15 minutes!

"Review of Paul Hancox's Power Split Tester"

The truth is that the first time I looked at the Power Split Tester Instructions I thought that the install and use would be complicated. Well, I couldn't have been more incorrect. Paul gives you detailed, step-by-step installation instructions that will have you up and running in a jiffy. My install took all of 5 minutes.

Power Split Tester even comes with some sample files so you can quickly and easily set up a test campaign. Setting up a test campaign couldn't have been easier. It only took a few minutes.

Once I saw how easy it was to set up the test campaign I immediately created a real campaign. 10 minutes later I had a split test campaign setup to see which headline would get me the greatest number of subscribers to my newsletters. Right off the bat I can see that my new headline is pulling in twice as many opt-ins as my old headline! What would a twofold increase in newsletter subscribers do for your business?

While it's always important to get more traffic to your website I now realize that it's more important to make the most out of the traffic that you already have. Power Split Tester is a tool that can help you do that.

I recommend Power Split Tester because it is easy to install, easy to use, and does exactly what it says it does.

Tony Spann (Warrior ID: "TeamGlobal")


I use Paul's Power Split Tester and it is outstanding! You can test everything with it from the headline to the whole sales page plus much more.

I used another one of Paul's products for years and it was outstanding too so I knew this one would be great. It's like I told Paul when I wrote him...."When it comes to split testing Paul is King". He really knows his stuff.

I'm a true believer in testing...if you're not testing your sales page than you could be losing thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars or more.

Keep up the good work Paul! Absolutely amazing!

Charles E. White (same Warrior ID)

Start testing today, and watch your conversion rate soar...

Power Split Tester™ is a program that you install on your site. It requires PHP 4.3 or higher, which is available on virtually all web hosts. (A database is not required).

Full instructions on how to install and use it are provided, along with 90 days of technical support. You may use it on an unlimited number of domains that you own, but it may not be re-distributed or sold to third parties.

You are also protected by my 90 day personal guarantee. If you find the program isn't for you within 90 days of purchase, then email me for a full refund. (In this case you must remove the program from your domains.)

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